Birding Safaris

Every guide in Africa has a passion for birds because these avian creatures form an integral component of the big picture wild safari office that the guide works in. Birds are invaluable key indicators of what is happening in the wilderness around them. Experienced guides interpret this subtle avian language and use it as a tool in their day to day guiding activities.

Some guides will revert to the wonderful world of birds as part of their client safari entertainment. This mysterious language indicates the hidden presence of predators, reptiles and other birds of prey. Birds have an inside knowledge of changes in weather and their particular behavior patterns give this away.

When walking with bushman in the Kalahari, ask them to tell you what the birds are saying and be prepared for some really amazing stories to unfold.

On most of our wildlife safari itineraries we always include a top birding destinations such as the following:

- Impalila Island in Namibia

- Lower Zambezi flood plains in Zambia

- Okavango Delta in Botswana

- Muhuyu in Zimbabwe

- Gorongosa in Mozambique

- Bird Island in the Seychelles