Botswana is southern Africa’s safari buzz word.

In October 2003, Lieutenant General S.K.I. Khama – then the Vice President of Botswana and now the President - said the following in his dedication to tourism in Botswana

“ . . . The Government recognized that the Okavango Delta and the wildlife of Botswana was as much a treasure as our diamonds and invested heavily in developing the level of infrastructure required to support a successful tourism industry.

We also recognized that Botswana and particularly the Okavango Delta, is a fragile ecosystem. The Delta has flourished for the past 30,000 years. Local inhabitants have long practised a system of sustainability, carefully preserving their natural resource by harvesting just enough to ensure their survival.

We believe that it is up to us to live up to this tradition and preserve the Delta for future generations. So our tourism policy is premised on the belief that less is more – we would consciously opt for fewer tourists and target those who could afford to pay for the privilege of visiting true wilderness areas. . . . “

What we love about Botswana:

-Wildlife Rich Okavango Delta

-Diversity of camps, lodges and accommodation to choose from

-Surreal experience of the Makgadikgadi Pans

-Easy of accessibility linking it easily to neighbouring highlights

-Diversity of the relatively undiscovered eastern corner—Limpopo

-Birders paradise to travel by mokoro

-Large concentrated herds of big game

-Spiritual bushman encounters

-Active canoe trails

-No fences—unrestricted animal movement across most of the county