Cultural Tours

Africa is the birthplace of humanity and there is a fascinating melting pot of cultures that stretches in diversity from the Kalahari San to the tropical coastal Zulu and Xhosa clans.

Stereotyped and manicured cultural exposure can be disappointing and Eco Logical avoids this tick box when we build a safari itinerary.

If culture is on your wish list, we endeavour to be spontaneous and genuine in any exposure with the following activities:

- we arrange limited visits to villages and rural communities adjacent to safari areas.

- we organise fascinating hunting expeditions with bushman in the Kalahari.

- we walk with the Herero/Himba in Namibia’s northern Kaokaland.

- we experience Tonga music in the Zambezi valley.

- we support Venda culture and traditions in the Limpopo Valley.

Where it is possible, we introduce you to the foundation of African culture by visiting fascinating archaeological sites and colourful prehistoric rock art overhangs situated in wild safari areas.