Family Safaris

From a very early age, Colin Bristow has taken his daughter Isabelle and her friends on many safaris around wild Africa. Isabelle is under ten and for him and our safari office, this personal exercise has been a fascinating learning curve on what is best for a family safari adventure.

Through this personal practical experience, we have tested the boundaries of transportation, safari safety, malaria awareness, suitable destinations, safari subject matter and cultural interaction.

As a basic tried and tested safari check box, your family safari should be hands on with activities, experiences and destinations.

Some safari areas are not kid friendly with little or no flexibility in walking, driving and other activities that relate to the wilderness. Many lodges apply age restrictions for safety and perceived client comfort. Eco Logical’s family adventures are diverse and fun with comfortable levels of physical burnout that are checked with regular food and drink intervals to keep the gang going.

Our diversity samples interesting culture, hands on wildlife in daylight and at night and a sense of exciting bush exploration.