Most of the destinations on our safari map are in wonderfully isolated, unspoilt locations. It’s why you go on safari – to get away from it all.

Despite this remoteness, your safari camp still produces beautifully rustic food. Fresh and flavourful at each and every meal.

Most breakfasts consist of a cold and hot selection, with cereals, breads, fruits and muffins or biscuits alongside the standard eggs and bacon. Lunch tends to be a continental affair and often times includes desert. Dinner is often three courses on more with a variety of choices either as set dishes or in buffet style.

Vegans and vegetarians as well as those with certain food allergies are catered for exceptionally well now.

Dairy and nut free cooking is second nature to many of these experienced bush chefs.

This is however a bush kitchen so don’t expect complicated French pastries or Heston Blumenthal nitrogen expunging puddings.

What you should relish however is fresh, tasty food prepared lovingly with local ingredients mostly organic at each and every meal.