Africa is a vibrant continent.

From expansive deserts, ice capped mountains to sheltered coral reefs, it truly is the world in one place.

While every area has a unique atmosphere, we like to combine a variety of experiences on your journey into the bush. This combination of sweeping savannah grassland with teak forests, sparse desert with lush delta, Kalahari sand with the mighty Zambezi, gives you a sweeping overview of Africa’s many facets.

Of course, often times, your wish is for a focused journey.

So we also let conduct dedicated desert tours – discovering contrasting desert life through Namibia, Botswana, Angola and South Africa.

Or maybe water is your thing. Well hop on board for an amazing combination of fresh water and salt water diving in Mozambique, Malawi and the Indian Ocean islands.

Our careful planning ensures that all the habitats we visit are impacted only minimally and your safari experience never comes at the expense of the delicate eco system we are privileged to visit.