Horse Riding Safaris

The Kalahari, Hwange, Victoria Falls, Swaziland, the Okavango, the Makgadikgadi. Africa is a land overflowing with places that evoke our inner spirit. This is a land of true wilderness. It is a land where the wildlife still roams freely over vast distances.

A unique way to explore the remote areas of some of these habitats is on horseback. We offer various horseback safaris in the Makgadikgadi Pans, the Thamalakane River, around Victoria Falls, in the heart of Hwange Nationa Park, exploring the islands and waterways of the Delta, through the Kalahari desert, across Swazilands undulating valleys, in the Limpopo Valley and elsewhere.

All of our safaris are guided by experienced riders who are also qualified bush guides and can be combined with additional adventures (such as canoeing or walking) or as a brief stopover on a more traditional safari itinerary.