An Introduction to the Eco Logical Credo

Your safari is the catalyst that protects African wilderness, making it sustainable.

By generating demand for wilderness adventure, the private sector strives to satisfy this by protecting wilderness areas.

There is a bigger logistical picture that is directly related to your safari

– transport, food, printing, curios, lodges, employment and the picture expands.

To support your safari, Eco Logical Africa wears many colourful and interesting hats:

- with a wealth of hard earned experience, our team plans and coordinates your travel and adventure all over Africa.

- Eco Logical proudly operates an IATA licensed ticketing office, booking nearly every airline carrier on the planet.

- we maintain an Air Service Permit and operate a few of our own tried and tested Cessna aeroplanes so we can charter you to remote and often romantic destinations across Africa.

- a number of our commercial pilots are Zimbabwe trained, qualified guides with years of valuable hands on practical experience. These guides make fun companions on extended safaris.

- Eco Logical Africa is also a safari lodge operator. The only way to protect unique wilderness is to become active economically. As a private sector operator we have identified a unique project on the Limpopo in Zimbabwe where we have established an integrated relationship with the surrounding communities.

You and your safari holiday aspirations are our partners in the long term survival and sustainability of our wonderful and exciting African wilderness.

We really look forward to seeing you on safari.

Happy days..!