Which Safari

As you start planning a safari adventure you are looking at a romance with Africa. There is a huge a la carte safari menu of countries, parks, wildlife, personalities and adventures that are all jostling for space on the menu.

Your regular colourful travel agent brochures and the world wide web offer you a variety of tried, tested and mostly safe packages to iconic safari destinations across east and southern Africa. This selection can be daunting. Enter ‘African Safari’ into a search engine and see what happens – over three million results pop up!

Your best way forward is to build a personal wish list of expectations that relates to budget, physical activity, wild life and mode of transport.

Your budget will determine the type of accommodation that you can afford. Physical activity is a long list of adventure that starts with game drives and spreads through walking, mountain biking, horse riding, scuba diving . . .

Certain destinations are restricted in their activities being located in National Parks. You are confined to sitting in a vehicle on extended game drives and your yearning for exercise can become frustrated.

If your travel agent has had African exposure, talk to them about their experiences and exposure.

Our office is in the middle of Africa and we are proudly African.

Because of our location, we have a direct relationship with the undulating pulse of the safari industry around us.

We have personally visited and experienced all the destinations and packages that we book or promote.

In one way or another, we have been in the African safari business for over thirty years and will give you an honest, unbiased recommendation for your romance with Africa.