Malawi is all about one of Africa’s great lakes in the southern end of the extended Rift Valley.

Malawi is a small proud country with 12 million very friendly people.

Water makes up approximately 20% of the country’s surface area. Most visitors are overwhelmed by the generosity, colour and vibrancy of rural Malawi and the atmosphere is totally devoid of either expectation or affectation.

The lake holds a greater array of freshwater fish species than any other lake on earth and more than all of Europe and North America combined – over 1 000 species!

Over 400 species are cichlids and most of these are endemic to the lake. The lake has its own philosophy of water, people, mountains and relaxation.

Fishing is the cultural foundation of Malawian society. A regular fish diet provides over 70% of the protein requirements of the rural population.

What we love about Malawi:

-Laid back and relaxed lodge culture

- Fresh water scuba diving

- Mumbo island canoeing and exploration

- Nyika National Park – an ‘off the beaten track’ highland experience

- The best wooden carvings in Africa

- Yachting with Danforth

- Liwonde National Park

- Zomba Forest Plateau