Mozambique has the flair of over 500 years of Portuguese colonialism blended seamlessly with unique African spirit.

The common language across the country is Portuguese with many buildings & cultural traits reminding you of a disintegrated colonial time warp.

Investment in tourism has accelerated with better roads and airports servicing an interesting variety of beach lodges and camps along a 2 000 kilometre coastline.

Exploring Mozambique one always leaves with a longing to stay for more.

Mozambique is an ideal place to start or finish an extended African safari. It is all about relaxation, reflection, tropical beaches and secluded island hideaways.

What we love about Mozambique:

- Bazaruto archipelago in the South

- Quirimba archipelago in the North

- Indian Ocean scuba diving

- Tropical salt water big game fishing

- Rugged wilderness to explore – Gorongosa and Niassa

- Whale sharks

- Diving with wild dolphins

- Sea Kayaking

- Exploring freshwater mangroves, lakes & island grasslands