Walking Safaris

On most of Eco Logical Africa’s safari itineraries we try to mix in some walking in the bush.

The walking is either blended in with a game drive, where you park and walk or you hike out from a safari base camp to explore interesting surrounding sites and activities.

Any wilderness area is fun to walk in and the level of safari passion is directly dependant on your intrepid guide.

An experienced guide will silently judge your pace in both physical exertion and level of interest making subtle adjustments in his movement plans.

Eco Logical’s objective as a booking agent is that you look forward to your next walking adventure with enthusiasm, excitement and eager anticipation – not as a slog.

Our top African walking destinations are:

- Chitake springs, Mana Pools - Zimbabwe

- Sandstone at Sentinel – Zimbabwe

- Messum Crater – Namibia

- Chikwenya , Mana Pools – Zimbabwe

- Skeleton Coast Camp – Namibia

- Okavango Delta - Botswana