When To Go

Safari is a year round adventure with a trade off in the weather.

If hot weather is not your thing then don’t plan on a Southern Africa summer safari.

Our summers stretch from September to March with a range of vibrant greens that boggles the mind. Most days and nights are deliciously warm; sometimes hot. Certain areas, like the Lower Zambezi and the tropical zones further north, become restricted by rain so we limit our activities in these to the cooler months.

Our winters tend to be cool and relatively dry but this can be unpredictably turned on its head by occasional cold fronts,that blow in from the faraway Antarctica in the south – these fronts travel with light precipitation and freezing winds and while they don’t last long, their legacy remains.

There is a winter summer trade-off – in summer most animals are having babies and the bird book is full of summer migrants like cuckoos and storks.