Africa is all about animals.

Big and small. Large herds or lone individuals. There is something inexplicably primal within each and every one of us that revels in the raw wilderness of Southern Africa’s abundant life.

The big five, large herds of plains game, vast unspoiled swathes teaming with a biomass that exists in the now as it always has done for thousands of years.

When dealing with free, wild animals nothing is guaranteed however if you have a safari wish list of ‘must see’ creatures, Eco Logical tailors your itinerary accordingly.

From liaising with research teams as to where the wild dogs have denned this season to arranging specialist walking guides getting you as close as possible to that old bull ele to the proud track record of seeing leopard every time we have ever been to Mashatu, Eco Logical organises it all.

As we’re on safari year round, our finger is right on the pulse of what’s happening, camp by camp, in the pulsating bush landscape.