Zambia has an atmosphere of Africa undiscovered. This feeling is shrouded in a safari blanket of remote timelessness.

Over 50% of the mighty Zambezi River’s catchment area falls within Zambia while the rest of the country is framed by extensive valleys that form the southern end of the great African Rift.

The population is low for a massive country and large parts of the rural expanse, perched on a high plateau, are uninhabited. This rural plateau is dominated by extensive floodplains; Barotse, Kafue, Bangwelu, and Liuwa. All these areas have incredible birdlife and extensive herds of plains animals with an assortment of predators.

With an upsurge in African tourism, many operators have created camps and lodges in remote parks.

For Eco Logical Africa’s Zambian itineraries we look at excellent walking, exciting birding and a sense of exploration.

What we love about Zambia:

- Luangwa Valley with puku antelope and unending hippo’s

- Early morning micro-light flights

- Feeling the Victoria Falls from the other side

- The Lower Zambezi is a safari paradise

- Birds, birds and birds on the extensive flood plains

- Animal diversity not found south of the Zambezi –

- Thornycroft’s giraffe, Cookson’s wildebeest, black lechwe, yellow baboon . . .