Zimbabwe is an ancient meeting place landlocked and sandwiched between two great African rivers; the Limpopo in the south and Zambezi in the north.

The country is named after the impressive Zimbabwe Ruins -capital of the Monomotapa Empire that flourished between the 5th and 15th centuries.

As a safari destination, Zimbabwe is a hidden secret. Wildlife in the National Parks is abundant and wilderness diversity huge. A diversity that ranges from a tumbling granite boulder landscape in the south west to a rugged and wild escarpment that fades into the Zambezi floodplains in the north.

Victoria Falls is the catalyst for adrenaline adventure and the area abounds with hotels and camps and this African icon and heritage site makes a wonderful start or end to most Zimbabwe wildlife safaris.

What we love about Zimbabwe:

- The best trained and most experienced safari guides in Africa

- Low volume tourism in huge areas like Hwange National Park gives you added value

- Small owner run camps in remote areas are a special Zimbabwe safari trait

- Situated in the middle of southern Africa’s busy safari zone

- Sunsets on Lake Kariba are made out of safari magic